Sunday, February 3, 2008

Selendang Sutera on Youtube

The long awaited recording of "Varition of Selendang Sutera" is now available from youtube. This is the 4th performance of this piece (premiered December 2006), performed by the piano virtuoso Ananda Sukarlan. Thanks Chendra for uploading the video.

"Selendang Sutera" (the silken scarf) is an Indonesian nationalistic tune by Ismail Marzuki. It tells a story about a soldier who received a scarf from his lover before he went to war. During a battle his arm was wounded. He used the scarf as a bandage, survived, and return as a hero.

see it here

The score is available here.

The score is copyrighted by Fauzie Wiriadisastra (2006), all rights reserved

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Feureau said...

Rather then putting it into public domain, I'd recommend a license. An extremely popular free license for creative contents like audio, video, and pictures.