Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another Prodia Project

It looks like the folks in Prodia Lab (a health laboratory) really like to sing and dance. A few months ago a nation-wide competition was held between Prodia's branches to create the best song (about the company) with choreography. So one of the branch in Bandung asked me to write one. So I did it. I wrote a song, arranged it, and recorded a minus-one for them to sing along. Thanks god, they received the 1st prize with this song.

So ... they want to make another one for another national gathering between their marketing staffs. Yes it is just a gathering, no competition. With one note, they want it in the salsa style. So here is the minus-one, Salsa!

Prodia 2

The previous one is still available here:

Prodia 1

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Will said...


ini dua2 nya lagu lu compose sendiri yah? pake keyboard gitu?

keren sih...