Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ABRSM High Scorer Concert

The last time I checked, it is supposed to take approximately 2 weeks in UK to get the ABRSM exam result. Well, not here in Indonesia. I took the 5th grade theory exam, and I have to wait for almost eternity for the result. When it finally arrived, I had only 2 weeks left to register for the Grade 8 practical (the 5th grade theory is a prerequisite). Well, the deadline is just getting shorter.

After the Grade 8 practical, I have to wait another 3 months for the result, which is presented in just the examiner's comment sheet. Another 2 months passed, and I finally received the Grade 8 diploma. After still another 2 months (7 months from the exam), I received an invitation to join the high scorer concert. Registration deadline? 1 day. Great job!

In the High Scorer Concert, I'm supposed to play one of the exam piece that receives the highest score. Which one? Well, they told me which one to play, 3 days before the concert. So, they really do a marvelous job here. When they have to send something to the candidate, it takes forever. But when the candidate has to send something to them, they give a very short deadline.

Anyway, I'm going to perform JS Bach BWV 1035 for flute in Grand Serela, Bandung, this Saturday, 9 May 2009. My accompanist, Andrew Sudjana, has not recieved the score yet by the time of this writing. Classical music concert does not get any better than this.