Thursday, February 21, 2008

Indonesian Rhyming Dictionary

I've finished my project of writing the Indonesian Rhyming Dictionary, or "Kamus Rima Bahasa Indonesia". Hopefully this book can soon be released to the public. Currently in the process of finding a publisher.

Currently I'm just having fun with it

"Sonata Duta Junta Pendusta"

Dewata semesta,
beta bercerita nyata, beta meminta cinta wanita jelita berkacamata, juwita berpita magenta. Pendeta buta renta berkata terbata bata, serta merta bersukacita, berpesta bergempita beserta anggota tahta mahkota junta pendusta.

Ternyata, penderita kusta ternista serta anggota kasta jelata, mengkudeta, bersenjata, meminta harta permata, bercita cita menata gulita dukacita, mencipta pelita sukacita.

"Kita terlunta lunta, penderita tata kota. Junta menyita harta, kereta, talenta, unta ... Vendeta!!"

Dewata semesta, beta meminta cinta wanita jelita berkacamata, juwita berpita magenta. Fakta berkata, "meronta ronta!", wanita berkata "airmata", junta berkata, "Anumerta."

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Time Signatures

Why should every single song on MTV is written with 4/4 time signature?? Well, Igor Stravinsky thought about this issue a few decades ago, and wrote "The Rite of Spring", with the time signature changes every single measure, but his great idea is now forgotten, and we are back with the Bum tch Pffst tch type rhythm (that is the reason why we have so many crossover artists nowadays, classical music has more or less the same rhythm as today's rock music)

In Stravinsky's time, the most important element of music is the harmony, an old idea propagating from the romantic era. Today, most musicians' still judge the quality of a composition from its harmony. However, I noticed that it is no longer true among non-musicians. They are much more inclined to hear the rhythm, and do not really care about the underlying harmony, even the melody.

So here it is, a piece of solo guitar with irregular time signature, that I believe is easier on 21st century ears. I plan this piece to be a part of a larger scale work, so there will be more movement coming.

Carawitta and Fugue no 1

A friend of mine, Syarif Maulana, had a concert last year. I contributed a composition for two guitars. It was premiered at his concert, 9 November 2007, with another young guitarist from Jakarta, Johan Yudha Brata. The piece features an interplay between a baroque style music with Indonesian traditional music.

Both players had only 2 weeks to study the piece before the concert, but they managed to deliver the performance. At least the audience appeared to be very pleased. Unfortunately there was no recording of that event, but the score is available here

As always, let me know if you want to perform this piece in public at fauziew/at]gmail[dot\com

Selendang Sutera on Youtube

The long awaited recording of "Varition of Selendang Sutera" is now available from youtube. This is the 4th performance of this piece (premiered December 2006), performed by the piano virtuoso Ananda Sukarlan. Thanks Chendra for uploading the video.

"Selendang Sutera" (the silken scarf) is an Indonesian nationalistic tune by Ismail Marzuki. It tells a story about a soldier who received a scarf from his lover before he went to war. During a battle his arm was wounded. He used the scarf as a bandage, survived, and return as a hero.

see it here

The score is available here.

The score is copyrighted by Fauzie Wiriadisastra (2006), all rights reserved