Friday, May 3, 2019

Dvipantara by Laurentius Symphony

Dvipantara is the title of Laurentius Symphony Orchestra's program in 2019. It is a collection of new works by LSO composers. Each of this work is inspired by a particular region of Indonesia.

4 composers submitted works based on Dvipantara's framework. Andrew Sudjana, a great pianist and a violist for the LSO wrote an arrangement of two folk songs. It features the sasando, a string instrument from Rote island.

Adrie Pramudya, a well seasoned arranger for the LSO produced an original work, Tingang Rangga. It is based on Dayak mythology, a beautiful combination of Sape and Orchestra.

The young and super tallented Filipus Wisnumurti wrote two pieces. Puncak Jaya, inspired by Indonesia's tallest peak, and Sawerigading's Voyage, based on Bugis creation myth.

This program also included 3 of my works, Layar Putri, Puisi dari Maluku, and Sumatera. If all goes as planned, the CD will be released this year.

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