Saturday, March 1, 2008

Variations on a theme in D Minor

I just wrote it this afternoon. It is short work for a trio of guitar, violin, and cello. It is going to be premiered on 23rd Feb 2008 at CCF, Bandung. Basically it is a very short, 2 measures long theme being repeated again and again with different variations. As the music progress, the original theme become the background and a new material is introduced. Repeating this process produces an original work quickly and easily.

The full score is here:


Feureau said...

23rd Feb? That's a week ago!


Dear Sir,
I strongly complain that you only provide scores of sheet music and not the music itself being played as intended.

Brigadier Arthur Bierkenstock, Mrs.

Anonymous said...

Halo Fauzi!

Minggu, 2Maree lalu, gw dan teman2 gitaris di Jakarta mengadakan konser. Salah satu lagu yg mereka bawakan adalah karya dgn nama komposer Fauzie Wiriadisastra. Langsung aja gw teringet dgn nama ini. Pasalnya, nama ini sepertinya pernah gw denger. Selidik pnya selidik, ternyata kita pernah main bareng di CGF tahun lalu.

Salam kenal!
Sukses terus!

fauzie said...

Hehe.. sorry

I can only post recorded pieces after the piece is actually being recorded, obviously.

It is supposed to be March :D